Training and Development

They should be honest and self disciplined, low-key and pragmatic, study and practice, and dare to climb;           

In the work, we should be brave to take responsibility, do what we say, innovate and improve, and put an end to waste;         In the team, we should deepen cooperation, promote integrity, consider the overall situation, and take the lead in competing for the first place;           

 Achieve happy work and healthy life.

Recruitment criteria of Beijing Gene Detective Medical Technology         

Those who have virtue and talent will be employed by exception        

Those with virtue but without talent can be employed (trained)     

Talents without morality should be employed (not reusable)

Those who have no talent or virtue will never use it


Incentive guarantee

Cash income: basic salary, performance bonus, various allowances, etc            

National statutory welfare: endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, housing accumulation fund            Holidays: annual leave, statutory public holiday, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc            

Welfare: working meal, shuttle bus, birthday welfare, holiday welfare, etc           

Others: annual physical examination, union welfare, etc


Principle of salary distribution

The basic principles of distribution according to work, efficiency priority and fairness shall be implemented in the salary distribution. Factors such as the social price level, the company's ability to pay, the post value of employees and the contribution of employees shall be taken into consideration.


Principle of salary distribution

The salary system adopts position salary system as the core, and follows the principle of combining salary orientation with value, combining internal incentive with external competition.


Principle of salary distribution 

According to the company's operating conditions and department, individual performance results to distribute performance bonus






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Customer satisfaction is the standard of product quality inspection. Listen to the voice of customers, grasp the needs of customers, define quality standards with customer satisfaction, and do everything possible to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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